Partnering for Economic Development Success

What do economic developers do when they need to get out of the office?

Check out sites, of course!

This summer, the IDM team met with Jeff Kolb of the Butler-Grundy Development Alliance and Rick Whalen with Butler County REC for a tour of the Butler Logistics Park. The Park is […]

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If you’ve seen one board, you’ve seen one board…

You have probably heard this type of phrase before in some context or another, but it definitely rings true for governing boards. Organizational size, scope of work, geographic reach, financial resources, past experience and personal preferences all lead to differing levels of involvement in governing. As IDM works with […]

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Federal Budget, Local Effects

Washington needs to hear about economic development in Iowa! As we work across the state, we are continually impressed with the many communities and organizations that understand and make the most of the federal resources available to them. Federal resources in the form of funding opportunities or technical assistance […]

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