‘Tis the Season for New Data

How do you measure success in your Economic Development programming? It’s a conversation we have here at IDM frequently. So much of the work our economic development clients produce is part of a larger, longer process that requires time and examination before results become evident. Fortunately, the ability of […]

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Talent Development – You MUST Focus!

Are you and your employers hunting for workers under every rock and in every nook and cranny? It is not an easy expedition, nor for the faint of heart. Successful models, especially for our rural clients, are few and far between. What has become clear to us is that […]

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Housing: a new priority for economic development groups?

4 Steps to Consider Before Taking the Plunge
As IDM works with economic development groups across the state, the concerns about housing continue to escalate. Housing for workforce, rental housing, improved housing, new housing, senior housing… the needs are overwhelming. As housing issues impact business location decisions and the availability […]

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