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Regional Development Initiatives

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Yellow DiamondRegional Collaborative Business Development Initiative

Yellow DiamondTargeting Based on Regional Cluster Analysis

Yellow DiamondRegional Private-Sector Fundraising Strategies

Let IDM design, facilitate and help you come to a consensus on the internal marketing aspects of your regional business development efforts. Key services include building additional capacity for collaboration, developing an internal marketing/communications plan outlining the regional competitive advantages, creating collaborative structures for the future and determining expected outcomes and progress measures.  IDM’s Regional Cluster Analysis identifies your value-chain clusters (buyer-supplier linkages), technology clusters and labor clusters, and offers recommendations on industry targets. The IDM team will also lead you and your regional allies through a step-by-step implementation process for regional fundraising.


  • Fostering greater cooperation and collaboration in economic development effort for your region
  • Bringing business, government and leadership together to embrace a shared long-term initiative to strengthen the economy
  • Developing a focused internal communications plan for stakeholders