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Setting Direction Through Planning

IDM Will Help You…

Yellow Diamond Focus Organizational Actions for Achieving Results

Yellow Diamond Set Priorities Amidst Differing or Competing Agendas

Yellow Diamond Create Quality of Place through Community-Wide Visioning and Strategic Thinking

Yellow Diamond Customize Strategic Planning for Your Community

Yellow Diamond Resolve Issues to Overcome or Avoid Barriers

Yellow Diamond Plan for the Needs of Your Community-based or Nonprofit Organization

Whatever your issues are short or long term, your organization needs to be focused and efficient in its actions. Let IDM’s experienced staff guide you and your team with valuable facilitation, technical assistance, consultation, and best practices to develop results-oriented vision, goals, objectives and action steps.


  • Having a plan that is consensus-based and usable
  • Experience based how-to guidance for accelerating economic development efforts
  • Establishing new common ground and commitment
  • Implementing a long-range plan for your community
  • Ability to address critical short term issues
  • Enhancing opportunities for efficient use of existing resources
  • Identifying and leveraging new resources