Economic & Community Development Outreach in Iowa

The Institute for Decision Making (IDM) is the economic and community development outreach unit of Business and Community Services at the University of Northern Iowa. Since 1987, IDM has been a trusted partner and resource for over 700 economic and community development organizations in Iowa and beyond.

IDM’s services include:

icon_hands Setting Direction Through Planning

icon_megaphone  Marketing Communities and Organization

icon_clipboard   Conducting Applied Research

icon_head    Guiding and Managing Organizations Effectively

icon_direction   Expanding Professional and Volunteer Development

icon_shake   Strengthening Regional Initiatives


“IDM’s assistance has exceeded our expectations as a region. Members of the IDM staff were working with the various county economic development organizations prior to the availability of regional marketing dollars or the values fund program. IDM’s extensive knowledge base regarding our regional challenges and needs adds greatly to the level of assistance we receive.”
William Trickey, President, South Central Iowa Area Partnership
“We have used IDM for strategic planning and community economic development, so the staff members really know the community. “This allowed them to facilitate the [Go-Green] planning process by leading a series of exercises to find the passions of community members and build a vision around them.”
Mayor Ed Malloy, City of Fairfield, IA