Six Tips for High Intern ROI

Your intern just showed up for her first day…now what?  EDO’s, chambers, CVB’s and Main Street organizations are ripe with opportunity for college and high school students to gain real world experience and build their professional portfolios.  While you undoubtedly get that your constant flow of projects, reports, meetings, […]

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Workforce Challenges

We noted that in June the Shanghai Daily reported China bought 20% of the global industrial robot output in 2013, 36,860 units based on data released by the China Robot Industry Alliance (CRIA) If the CRIA’s numbers are accurate, it would mean that worldwide over 184,000 industrial robot […]

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Entrepreneurs: These People are Different

Rob Williams – UNI Business & Community Services

Working with entrepreneurs is not a one size fits all business. Each entrepreneur is as unique as their business or idea. However, four general psychographic profiles can help developers ensure that the right type of business gets the services they need to […]

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