Housing: a new priority for economic development groups?

4 Steps to Consider Before Taking the Plunge
As IDM works with economic development groups across the state, the concerns about housing continue to escalate. Housing for workforce, rental housing, improved housing, new housing, senior housing… the needs are overwhelming. As housing issues impact business location decisions and the availability […]

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Collaboration for Regional Entrepreneurship

IDM Applied Research and Strategic Planning in Practice

Entrepreneurship has been widely acknowledged as a key economic development strategy.  However, few regions possess the capacity to encourage new startups and nurture emerging businesses in a way that achieves real economic growth.  IDM, as a member of UNI’s Business and Community […]

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Passion for Progress

Adding New Volunteers to the Mix

Last week, I had a volunteer pull me aside after a community development planning or update session to share an amazing story of new activities and accomplishments she and just four other inspired residents achieved in under six months!  When reflecting back on that […]

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