Expanding Professional & Volunteer Development

IDM Provides You...Expanding Professional and Volunteer Development

  • Training on Specialized Economic Development Topics
  • Take it To Them Training for Board Orientation and Responsibilities
  • Heartland Economic Development Course
  • Insight from the Practice of Economic Development

IDM provides educational and informative training sessions focused on specialized topics related to the needs of your economic development and community leadership. Topics include Introduction to Economic Development; Being an Effective Board Member; Trends in Economic Development; Understanding Where your Economy is Now; Effective Economic Development Organizations; Mobilizing Volunteers;  Fundamentals of Economic Development Marketing; and Speculative Buildings as an Economic Development Tool. IDM can also tailor sessions to address other areas of interest important to your organization’s leaders.

IDM coordinates nationally recognized professional development opportunities through the Professional Learning Laboratory and the Heartland Economic Development Course.


  • Training from qualified, certified economic development professionals
  • Expanded board member knowledge
  • Cost effective learning opportunities for development professionals and community leaders
  • National network of colleagues and mentors