Marketing Communities and Organizations

IDM Will Help You…Marketing

  • Develop Targeted Marketing Plans for Business Attraction
  • Tailor Marketing Plans for Visitor Attraction
  • Internally Market Your Organization to the Community

Whether you are planning to undertake a proactive or reactive marketing effort, you must have in place a well-thought-out marketing plan. IDM’s marketing plan development service usually begins with educating your community leaders about the principles of economic development marketing and assessing your community’s marketing readiness.

Next, IDM develops a “marketing plan overview” based on your leaders’ input. The overview provides an outline of direction for the marketing initiatives for your community, along with identifying available and needed resources to achieve the desired outcomes. IDM will also assist you with the development of a detailed marketing plan with comprehensive implementation strategies.


  • Focusing your future marketing program on key target audiences
  • Having experienced developers who can work to make sure the expectations of your organization match the resources available to support your efforts
  • Efforts to recruit and expand industrial, technology, retail  or related businesses are supported by a consensus-based marketing program
  • Devoting your energy to the activities and areas that promise the most success
  • Understanding the competitive advantages and assets of your area
  • Increasing tourism revenues to your area
  • Gaining a knowledgeable marketing ally as we work to develop your marketing plans