Guiding and Managing Organizations Effectively

IDM Will Help You…Guiding and Managing Organizations Effectively

  • Determine Overlaps, Duplications and Gaps in Development Programs and Projects
  •  Use Insight to Improve Organizational Effectiveness
  •  (Re) Organize Community-Based Development Organizations
  •  Organize Self-Directed Fundraising Campaigns
  •  Identify and Resolve Issue


IDM can assist you in inventorying the community and economic development programming provided by multiple development groups and organizations. This assessment determines overlapping functions or beneficiaries, duplications of similar-purpose programming and gaps in needed programs and projects. IDM then provides your community with recommendations and next steps for enhancing cooperation and collaboration among your development entities, such as chambers, economic development organizations and main street organizations.

IDM will also aide your organization’s board of directors (and staff) with an executive director search and selection process. Together, IDM and your leadership will develop the selection criteria simplifying the hiring process.  IDM also provides a proposed job description and useful tools to manage the search efforts, and at your request, manage the entire search and selection process. This allows your leadership to concentrate on making the “right” hiring decision.

Raise your fundraising efforts by having IDM help build a case to support your efforts, train the volunteers who will make the calls, and create the materials necessary for a successful campaign.


  • Reducing duplication of economic and community development services and programs
  • Uniting and focusing the key strengths of multiple organizations for increased presence
  • Identifying new ways to work together
  • Increasing awareness and documentation of the numerous economic development programs and services
  • Having knowledgeable, experienced, certified economic development professionals
  • Provide objective evaluation of your organization’s structure, functions and issues