Cindy Angel, CERP, EGc(MR)
Cindy Angel, CERP, EGc(MR)Research Manager
Cindy Angel serves as IDM’s Research Manager and has been on IDM’s staff for over 20 years. As Research Manager, Cindy is responsible for completing a variety of primary and secondary community and economic development research projects including Target Industry Analysis studies, supply chain research, economic impact analysis reports, community assessments, cluster analysis studies, demographic profiles, community metrics reports, and the Iowa Business Council’s Competitive Index. She also coordinates data collection for the state of Iowa for the Location One Information system (LOIS), a database containing information for business site locators. Cindy’s research projects include: community layoff and crisis response, barge transportation in Iowa, speculative buildings in Iowa, and labor force trends.

Phone: (319) 273-6943

Areas of Expertise
  • Primary and Secondary Research Project Coordination
  • Target Industry Analysis
  • Community Assessment
  • Economic Impact Analysis
  • Market Data Collection
Accomplishments and Designations
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