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About Us

The Institute for Decision Making (IDM) is the economic development arm of UNI Business and Community Services. For over three decades, IDM has been delivering tailored, innovative community-wide planning, straightforward organizational planning, technical assistance, applied research, and training to Iowans concerned about their community’s economic vitality. IDM proudly serves over 800 communities, non-profits and economic development groups throughout Iowa and beyond.

Our Mission…

IDM empowers Iowans as they make decisions and take organized action to improve their communities through results-oriented and innovative economic and community development.

Our Vision…

IDM is a visionary, valued and versatile partner in Iowa’s pursuit for economic growth and strong communities. IDM is well known for adapting to trends and innovations and for elevating the standards in development practices. IDM is an active economic and community development leader in Iowa and beyond, recognizing the needs and opportunities of Iowa’s communities as its priority.

The Difference…

In order to deliver effective and results-oriented services to Iowa’s communities, IDM’s staff members utilize their advanced training and education in applied development fields with their practical and extensive professional experience. The result is an implementation-focused approach.

IDM’s services are based on a proven approach which utilizes efficient group decision methods in order to maximize the value of staff and volunteers’ time.


IDM is a program within UNI's Business & Community Services (BCS)

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